Maine - Anjou Cattle

Photos below are examples of the cattle in my herd. The cows are Maine-Anjou cross with some Chi influence. They are predominantly black cattle. There have been some top club calves produced from this herd of cattle. Club calves are available in the fall. I also have some outstanding replacement heifers for sale.  

  It takes a good cow to get a newborn calf on their feet the first time. When the weather is real cold, I bring them in to the sheds to let them calve then turn them out in the field. The sooner they get out of the sheds the least likely they will get sick.    These cattle are coming to get their morning feed.
  New Maine-Anjou calf and his mom.    Spring is always a fun time to see the new calves.
  his cow was the Grand Champion heifer at the Garfield County Fair. She lived to be 17 years old and raised 15 calves. Every one of her heifer calves went back into the herd.