Life on the Ranch in Northwest Colorado

Big Steer & Clyde leading the pasture cattle to their summer home

Big Steer & Clyde on the horizon

Big Steer & Clyde taking the cattle home in the fall

Steer Calf

Steer calf - a good show prospect

Top quality Maine-Anjou cross heifer calf

Lexi making sure the bulls are corralled

Looking for runaway pasture bulls

It takes the dogs a while to get the runaways under control

Last cow to be corralled

The dogs are working hard

These cattle didn't want to come home

Sally in the snow

Chip waiting

Muffin & Tar

Cactus waiting to go home after a long day

Looking skyward through the beautiful trees

Pepper's job is done as a leader, gets a bite to eat

Chip - ears cocked - waiting to gather cattle

Liz waiting to go gather cattle

Taz waiting for the dogs to cool off

The longhorns have a job besides just "looking pretty". They make awesome leaders. My dogs and I handle the cattle by ourselves. Taking in cattle for people in the summer to care for that don't know where to go, the longhorns take the lead to green pastures, making the dogs and my job easier.


Taz and the dogs taking a break while looking for cattle